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Installation and training for Qpack in SA

Installation and training for Qpack in SA

Qpack in Saudi Arabia purchased complete set equipment from Team@flexo in May 2015 this is including: CTP on flexo plate 42 x 60 inch + solid plate making system. The reason is in SA, solvent price is cheaper than water, so they insist of using solvent washout plate system.


In September two engineers from Team@flexo reached Riyadh to do installation and training for their prepress room, one for CTP direct image on flexo plate, the other one for flexo plate making and instructing maintenance of the plate making machine.


Qpack is a package printing company specialized in corrugated box printing locating in Qassim where is 200 kg away from Riyadh, all surrounded by desert. Temperature keeps in 40 degree C all the year round, raining season is December,

therefore, when we open the crates found the nozzle head of printer is completely dry up, under the effort of our engineer the CTP printer go to normal eventually.


After the installation and training we rely on their engineers to practice and practice in order for getting more and more experience after our engineer go back to Taiwan especially for the trouble shootings. Because Qpack is new on plate making, before now, they rely on out sourcing, which have to wait a long time and long distance for delivery.


When first plate was made and test printed from their press, the owner smile up satisfactorily on his face. From now on they do not have to wait so long for a plate. 


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