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CTP installation in Lima/Pe

 CTP installation in Lima/Pe

    Decon negociaciones is a company outside the capital city of Lima in Peru. In September 2015 they ordered one CTP Model: 1080 & one CTF NozzleBlack for film making by inkjet printer from Team @flexo. December 7-14 our engineer Peter goes to the company for installation and training.


    When CTP printer shipped out from our warehouse and reached there, because of long holidays of Thanksgiving, it take 2 months to unpack it from the crates so that the nozzle head is dry up needs to clean off completely. Installation is started from leveling / head height adjusting / trouble shooting to daily maintenance all under SOP operation manual. After first print they washout the plate immediately, when engineer Miguel and boss Hudson seeing the first result smile full on their faces.


    Factory is located in the small town Lurin where is in the south of Lima, it is a place of dry air and full of sand near the sea. The view is looked like in the sea side as in South East Asia with palm trees it is a complete different image with high cold weather in Andes mountain areas.


    Anyway, this trip of CTP + CTF installation course in South America seems a real pleasure for Peter not only to fulfil the mission but also for him to know that customers like this new developed equipment so much.


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