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A Feedback from plat making machine user for 20 years.

A Feedback from plat making machine user for 20 years.

eMail from Mr. Lin of Shiang FuThis machine we have bought and used already 20 years since 1996. It is incredible that Team@flexo offer me immediate repairing free of charge. So that I have thank them for the excellent service and I believe the company will be more successful and prosperous in the very near future.

January 15th 2016, the date before we have a new president election in Taiwan, Team@flexo received a phone call from Shiang Fu stamp making company from Taoyuen Mr. Lin, the boss told us that his stamp making machine (A4 size plate maker) is out of order needs to be repaired.


When Tony Wang our factory manager received the message he asked for the detailed information by phone and request for sending photos to showing the machine situation. Mr. Lin is just having a trip to Taipei by car, therefore he says that he will bring the machine on the way with him to our office.


In the afternoon of next day, he come with his daughter who is running the company now. Tony find it is the problem from the motor so he start to repair it and apply necessary lubrication to have smooth rotation, in 30 minutes the washout unit start to run. Mr. Lin applaud of our prompt and immediate service for him without any charge and leave us with full smile on his face.

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