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Team@flexo exhibition / SINO CORRUGATED Dongguan 2016

Team@flexo will exhibit new product of CTP no film + double side exposure flatbed printer during SINO CORRUGATED SHOW in Dongguan / China, April 14-16 2016 at GD Modern International Exhibition Center (Houjie)


Dongguan houjie is gathering with industries needing corrugated packaging and full of corrugated box manufacturing factory as well as plate making trade shops. Reed group from UK is organizing this exhibition every year in China once in shanghai and once in Houjie is becoming the greatest show for corrugated industry in the world. Corrugated people from every corner of global gather to the show to see the new developed equipment and technology in order to improve for higher production and lower cost.


Team@flexo will exhibit new product of CTP flatbed inkjet printer with direct image + led/UV inline exposure and UV back exposure (3 in 1) in order for the industry to have personal experiences of this future technology and process revolution. 

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