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NozzleBlack CTP no-film double-side UV exposure printer in Spain

NozzleBlack CTP

no-film double-side UV exposure printer in Spain

March 01 2016, a crate of NozzleBlack NB-1320 CTP with led / UV + Back exposure inline printer shipped from Team@flexo to Spain, estimated to reach Barcelona April 4.

    In order for purchasing and marketing this flexo prepress automation and revolution printer, Mr. Esteve fly to Team@flexo headquarters in TW twice. First in August 2015 to start initial tests, after 3 months he come back with his partner Mr. Juan who has 20 years photopolymer plate sales back ground in EU, at the end of Nov. 2015 they come again and stayed 3 whole days in our laboratory testing the printer from rough to fine in details of character / line / independent dot, From every rulings of lpi for color separation and screening dots of 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 / 85 lpi in order for corrugated color box printing even tested with r- curves to check every results to compare with conventional way of photo film plate making completely.

    Meantime, they have tested prints on negative film (any transparent film can be printed as negative film, this is due to the nano-black ink can print image on any photopolymer plate, therefore, of course the printer can print on any film no matter it is a PET / PVC / OPP ….. all kinds of materials.), the test result shows this CTP printer can also print negative film on the flatbed printer satisfactorily as well.

After 3 days test, two Spanish friends left Taipei with smiling on their faces.

    On January 2016, Enede company placed their initial order, and signed an agreement with Team@flexo for the exclusive distributorship in 9 countries of EU : Spain / France / Italy / Portugal / Greece / Turkey / Tunis / Morocco / Argel.    

After machine reaching their factory, Mr. Hilson Huang, CEO of Team@flexo is scheduled to fly from HK to Barcelona on April 18 with senior engineer Peter Hsieh right after their exhibition in CN for Sino Corrugated Show in Guangdong (April 14-16) to discuss marketing strategy for EU area as well as doing installation and training in order for Enede people able to take over these course and knowledges to be able to services for their customers in the area.


We wish Mr. Esteve Orti / Enede & Mr. Juan Gracia / ArianGraf a successful business of NozzleBlack CTP sales in EU market. 


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