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UV / led Light Emitting Diode for NB inkjet printer

UV / led Light Emitting Diode for NB inkjet printer

UV light emitting diode means that wave length in range of ultra violet area and in 320-400 nano meters by which we call it UVA. Comparatively this wave length of UVA is longer than other UV lights as well as lower absorption of nucleic acid and protein so that it is an UV light with less harm to all organisms.

UV led can be used as white LED for lighting, we can use UV to excite different fluorescent powder to initiate 3 lights in red / green / blue color then forming the white light which is good and soft for human eyes and excellent for making white led. The point is no high enough lighting efficient led UV in the industry for this purpose by now, this is facing the same technology needs new development of led UV as for our NozzleBlack ctp printers, small but strong, light in weight good for mounting on the inkjet printer for direct curing or exposure after spray.

Not as UVC, UVA led requires InGaN to make quantum well by using GaN making well barrier as raw material, however normally this well is not deep enough, electronic leakage is seriously. Now fortunately we have new technology to overcome and create a led UV compact, small, light but strong for our NozzleBlack printer with no-film and exposures in line on all photopolymer plates. This is more than a CTP for flexo plate making and a revolution for flexo prepress.  
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