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Black-layer separation first from a flexo auto washout processor

Black-layer separation


first from a flexo auto washout processor


As automation of flexo plate making is a new trend for future generation, no matter it is a digital plate coming with black carbon layer for laser ablation machine or an no-film inkjet CTP plate by using black ink spraying on a conventional flexo plate with direct image, led/UV exposure and back exposure on a flat bed printer (3 in 1) which will be a new flexo plate making revolution within 3 or 5 years.


These two kinds of innovation are both using black coating / imaging on a photopolymer plate, and it is a must to take off the black color first before starting the normal washout process. In the new automatic flexo plate washout machine, washout solvent used for pre-wash has to be collected and drain out first so that solvent inside main washout dept. will not contaminate into black by the residues of the carbon layer or inkjet ink from the black plate.


An automatic washout machine equipped with a black layer removing washout tank good for both of CTP plate by laser ablation and CTP inkjet direct image may be rebuilt by the original processor manufacturer under your request or paying attention to the future purchasing of a new automatic plate making processor.

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