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DRUPA 2016 Exhibition preview

DRUPA 2016 Exhibition preview


    The world's largest and most representative DURPA printing equipment and related materials exhibition will debut at 30th of May, recently held a meeting before the show. The biggest surprise of this pre-show press conference, is that important players of the show in the past decades from Germany and Japan, these famous manufacturers in the industry are absent, some will say exhibited insufficient cost-benefit ratio, it was also said that because the new equipment is still not finalized. These are showing the trend of relentless reality, did not catch the train to choose absent.


    In the press conference, the new inkjet printers and cloud ITC communications technology accounted for 80% of the subject, most of it is Fujifilm announced the completion of cooperation with Heidelberg, a hybrid offset printing press + new development of large-size high-speed inkjet printer “XL-106” in 2017, why not use CD platform? Maybe the speed will reach 15,000 sheets per hour or more, so they will use high speed internet instead!


     Flexo after print processing equipment manufacturers BOBST cooperate with Kodak is producing a big size 2.1x1.3 meters corrugated high-speed inkjet printer by water based ink able to inkjet on the offset production line already. Epson is a 360 degree all angle provider of inkjet printers from hardware, software, inks and other products, buttressed by a generation of Precision Core technology to print precise and fast no matter it is a small size, large-format, textile print, 3D printing or label printing industry. Their new generation UV printer “ SurePress L-6034 VW ” is in mass production now. Epson has invested 1.3 million dollars a day in its RD work which is 6% of their turnover, impressive indeed.


    The high-speed HP Indigo commercial printer, inkjet flatbed printer, Latex larger format printer are also developed in all directions, especially in multi-purpose Latex ink has vast development, Fujifilm inkjet head is applied on a Gallus label press, and a 500mm wide LED curing press, the rear end is equipped with mining anaerobic nitrogen filling, in order to increase the efficiency of UV ink is cured completely.


    JetPress 720S has 20 installations in the world now, meaning a good quality assurance, Ricoh 6000VP on behalf of its ink-jet printing in the speed of 100 meters per minute, in addition to electronic toner C9100, C7100 also popular version for wider choice, just as EFI boss said: inkjet is everywhere, and many manufacturers compete to Milan, Italy, set up textile inkjet equipment and transliteration marketing center, clothing should also be personalized by inkjet and with large column. Oce has a new model, but ColorStream is more to numerous.


    Xerox certainly has iGen5, but also with a platform for J 2800 size B3 inkjet use, a total of six inkjet printers for high-speed sheet-fed printer, Xerox is actively doing change other than rotary paper feeding. Epson large inkjet OA printer will sweep the market, to be more precise inkjet columns of dots arrangement improving program. Global Graphic adopts Haliguin RIP doing effective control, to achieve better print results, it is a major change on calculation software.


    4.0 on the cloud and industrial applications, the huge capacity to a more activated, more informative, to achieve better control and production results, as the first application country German Industry 4.0 will be a lot to learn from places in environmental protection and energy saving aspects. Epson presented in 2010--2050 will reduce energy consumption and committed to tear down to only 10% has started research and development of dry papermaking and paper dry recycling technology, in addition such as Kodak Sonora plates no-rinse, no drugs fluid does not have to deal with the end of the tube treatment now with three thousand users worldwide, and can be used to print more impressions to UV printing - a new edition upcoming Sonora, how energy saving, carbon reduction, no VOCs production program will appear on the show. On demand of small amount printing, Kolbus made all-digital, human power saving oriented for variable size of glue binding machine with three knife cutter to cope with market demand.


    For quadrennial DRUPA (every 4 years) will be changed to triennial (every 3 years) exhibition, it was questioned whether too fast! KBA president Claus Schunemann, presume that new technology accelerates quickly by changing to once every three years is very reasonable, but some companies seem to question if it is able to synchronize and update dance pace, although the equipment and material suppliers bear, prepress, printing and finishing etc… whether to keep up the pace to make more rapid development of pluralism, this is not only the test of resilience of the printing managements, associated print production personnel can keep up, but also a major factor in business survival index.


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