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2016 after Sino-Corr

2016 after Sino-Corr

  2016 Sino-Corr combines flexographic printing flexo break another new map of this exhibition is to show the strength of Sino-corr breakthrough, but the rise of the web world are all kinds of printing exhibition falling trend at the end of the moment, in order to the existence of it, the sponsor company have to refuel with efforts.

   Before the world-renowned brand of corrugated companies, has become a place for new brands in CN, coupled with price competition, similar or similar device / product filled Pavilion, the most performed step into force are China's products.

CTP direct image with double-side exposures in this exhibition is most attractive, users expect new method other than using CDI digital plate by  using only conventional plate to make an alternative version of digitization, Team@flexo CTP of inkjet imaging flatbed printer plus exposure double sides become a revolutionary new product for corrugated prepress, most of the focus has gathered with a lot of crowd.

   Some say the IT industry is changing quickly in one or two years it will become the industry pace with the times to follow for finer dot reproduction and faster printing speed which are our goals to forward, fortunately NozzleBlack CTP can achieve it one by one , October 2016 quadrennial Florida "super corrugated exhibition" pinpointing it is possible.


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