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Team@flexo attended DRUPA since 1986

Team@flexo attended DRUPA since 1986


30 years ago, Flexo Technology was the first company from TW / CN 

to attend DRUPA 1986.


   DRUPA, an International Printing Paper exhibition in Dusseldorf / Germany is held every four years, also known as the Olympics game of the printing industry, printing related industries is considered pilgrimage, is the world's innovative printing, packaging, the largest cross-media exhibition.


   Germany is the world's major industrial country, always displaying innovative products and technology elite, for printing industry to provide direction for future development.


   Team@flexo uphold continuous research and development, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, 30 years ago (1986) the first from TW / CN to attend DRUPA in Dusseldorf, Germany, it is a pride of the company.


   Over the years; we are still continuing research and innovation, more and more developed revolutionary new products such as No-film NozzleBlack CTP plate making system, images can be printed by inkjet directly on any conventional flexo plate or on screen frame for screen printing, without vacuum suction any more and can also do main exposure and back exposure of UV inline, no longer to use exposure unit. This not only allows clear and sharp plate images, but also save time, money and equipment.


In flexo printing industry this is the world's most innovative plate-making equipment, and all members of Flexo Technology are really proud of this product for future generation.


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