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CTF Computer To Film



Since 2010, inkjet printer have made a tremendous progress both in hardware, software and consumables. Until now it is 7 years passed but we could not see any increasing of percentage used in this field for film making no matter it is a positive or negative film for plate making. This article will concentrate on discussions of the reasons why from all factors as printer / ink / film / software (RIP), in order to help more people in the industry to use inkjet film satisfactory instead of using photographic film which is disappearing gradually in the market and eventually will disappear completely soon.


We all know that printers made in JP is superior in printing quality and resolution by using these quality printer heads to print CTF or CTP on film or on plate the results are good enough for plate making although the price is expensive so that the cost of equipment may be higher but it worth you to pay more for best quality prints no matter it is print on film or on plate for the finer reproduction of plate making.


RIP is also a very important element during selection of the printer, for the printer manufacturer have to cooperate with the RIP writers to do more test and experiment to help each other in order to get more setting experiences by the RIP provide to printer. The much these kinds of mutual practice will make more significant setting factors and results for the images which print out from the printer by the RIP.


After we adapted the right printer with head for printing, now we have to let you know how RIP is concerned with the print size constants / color separation / dot screening / finest dot reproduction for 175 lpi 1% dot…………. In the market, RIP price differs from 1 hundred dollars to 50 hundred US dollars and most of all are operated by personal computer (PC). 


There is only one system of RIP in the world has to use Macintosh computer to drive it. Remember 30 - 40 years ago when plate making house started to use computer to do design / color separation / dot screen jobs for image setter or plate setter, Macintosh has proven itself a most stable / trustable with no gabble image or text and less trouble, these have supported and made contribution for graphic arts image management for a long time until now.


As well as these are the reasons why CTF computer to film inkjet system can reproduce up to 175 lpi 1% dot and the quality is good enough for color label printing for the highlight area small dot and for shiny package film printing by gravure printing with beautiful colors and feeling. Only Mac operated RIP can appear these wonderful print with constant dimension at 1/10000 mm tolerance for fine registration requirement, which is as good as a photo film.


Coated film for both water and solvent based ink are also important for inkjet film printing by using proper prima to coat. Many users have bad experience from film slip during inkjet printing, this is the problem of prima and causing bad registration in colors, image distortion as well as dimensional change in image size. Therefore a double side well coated film by good prima to accept proper ink and also to prevent slip on the back side of film are important for users to choose. 影像



Due to tremendous progress of Nano technology, a thin layer of ink possesses very high black opaque density now a days can block away UV lamp during exposure to make a sharp image for plate making. In addition, it is smooth for the ink to go through channel and less nozzle blocking trouble for the head no matter it is a water or solvent based ink.



In summary, an inkjet film is possible to have same quality as good as a photo film for any kinds of plate making and do not have to invest develop equipment and to use any chemical, the points are all factors of printer / RIP / film / ink are connected for best quality inkjet print. Choose the fight hardware, software and consumables will be helpful for you to achieve high resolution reproduction, enjoy the fun of inkjet printing and regain your concrete confidence on CTFComputer To Film making.

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