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175 lpi 1% dot film reproduction Why so amazing?

175 lpi 1% dot film reproduction Why so amazing?

With a NozzleBlack NB-610 printer



Inkjet CTF film over the years due to improvements of both hardware / software manufacturers as well as engineers’ efforts and working closely together, it is still hard to replace the using of photographic film, why?


For those who have made film by inkjet printer in recent years, why give up on the halfway, or still not satisfied with its results for plate making? (Can’t be compared with the photographic film).

NozzleBlack NB-610 Printer is emphasizing able to reach 175
lpi with1% dot in highlight / shadow area to reproduce like a photo film, why
it really so amazing? How can they do it? Why other printers can’t? Even the
original Japanese printer itself is still very difficult to achieve it for the
purpose to satisfy with the film can replace photo film?

Although it is correct that x-axis of NozzleBlack printer is
derived from Japanese original equipment, the effect of fine prints of dot, may
be all clean and clear, which is thanks to the Nano-technology of ink
manufacturing and film coating emulsion (primer). It is a latest contribution,
but why still can’t achieve the result as good as photographic film?

The key is in the inkjet printer nozzle and film during
printing, it is a curved of the contact surface, even if the contact area, can
be said to be minimal, but the angle is still there. We have extent the contact
surface of the print to a full 180 degrees flat in order to fine the dot to
prevent deformation and tolerance to zero, which is the key of why able to
print 175 lpi 1% dot.


In addition to stepping, we have also installed a special device, so that the inkjet during printing process is more robust, which is why it will not see the traces of the Y-axis step line after printing, this is important for a fine flat screen area. So that you can achieve 175 lpi 1% dot reproduction easily, meantime also play a performance to the extreme of a modern inkjet printer.


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