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2017-18 exhibitions

2017-18 Exhibitions


March 29-4/02  Shanghai International Corrugated Exhibition

April  11 - 14   Sino corrugated Fair in Shanghai

May  09 - 11   China Print 2017 in Beijing China


One after another, the same nature of the show held in three consecutive months 2017, At this website popular stage the organizers just want to sign their own signs but disperse the source of visitors, while exhibitors are struggling to prepare for the shows in spite of wasting money. It is necessary to re-integrate of the situation. Manufacturers also have to think of how to aggravate the contents of their website to the achievements of a virtual "On-line exhibition", then no longer have to go to the exhibition so often and also save a very expensive fee why not?

China Sign 2017 with Digital Printing Exhibition was held September
20-22 in Shanghai, Team@flexo with domestic agents successfully exhibited a new
generation of CTP + CTF prepress equipment, the scene to seize the professional
customers focus on the prepress hardware and software for the various levels of
plate making.


2018 Sino Corrugated Expo in Dongguan (April 10-12), We will also display inexpensive, speed up flat CTP printer with more setting options to increase both precise reproduction and more black density, we believe it will cause another wave of tide to meet the demands for the majority of the Chinese and overseas market.

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