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Jumbo CTP flexo prepress




          52 x 110 inch (1320 x 2800 mm)

                                              64 x 110 inch (1626 x 2800 mm)

Team@flexo is now able to supply you Jumbo CTP inkjet printer in 52 x 110 inch (1320 x 2800 mm) by using no film / no vacuum technology which enable plate making to be very simple, easy and convenient for handling these jumbo flexo plate available in the world now. By just think of how to make the big film / how to move and draw down with plate by vacuum / how to check and how to escape the air bubbles in the middle of the film and plate, you will know how much the benefits of this Jumbo printer can do for you.

This will equipped with UV lamps under flatbed for back exposure on the printer in line. LED /UV on printer head access simultaneously right after print, in order to protect image on plate surface of no damage during moving for enhanced exposure and moving the big plate to washout machine.

Furthermore, plate manufacturers can make giant plate up to 64 x 110 inch (1626x 2800 mm) under special order basis, this is also no problem for NozzleBlack CTP printer at all. Only the actual effective back exposure area is limited to 52 x 110 inch (1320 x 2800mm) due to limited lamp length. Because, we use a best printer for X-axis from Japan which actually is a printer good for 64 inch print in width.

  The jumbo film is not necessary any more due to direct image on plate now and no more vacuum during exposure of no film. Meantime, jumbo plate washout have also to be managed at the same time, in order to complete the whole plate making process. Fortunately we also available jumbo automatic washout processor with Auto washout + Exposure + Drying + Solvent recovery to finish total plate making steps.

  Auto washout unit equipped with black ink / layer removing first then going into the normal wash department as for digital plate. Elevated exposure unit for post exposure and enhancing the fine line / fine text / fine dot exposure for 100% reproduction because of sharp image from direct image on plate. Drying unit equipped with anti-tack UVC treatment and a recovery unit is connecting fresh solvent come in and old solvent go out automatically.

This combination of corrugated flexo jumbo plate pre-press system is the most simple / easy / economic / low investment / low production cost / less damage / less failure / less labor ways of flexo plate making in the world by now. Just think of how much money can be saved from jumbo film making / jumbo film procession / jumbo plate moving / jumbo plate handling….., these is already saving a lot of money for you already.

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