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How to make money As a corrugated box printing factory

                                            How to make money

                As a corrugated box printing factory

          Minimum capital investment of automatic system and equipment

         Rest of technical / maintenance / service just rely on our training

CONG TY TNHH BAO BI GIAY DOANH THAI corrugated box printer, located in Song Than Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam has been using our FlexoBag plate making system since 2010 in their 1st factory.

     At that time they are only aiming for the simple and easy combination of using most economic investment for making their negative film by LaserBlack Enhancer in plant from us plus a small sized FlexoBag machine to make their own plate by liquid phtopolymer which is the only way to use no solvent but only water for green purpose in order to substitute hand engraving manually. At the time the skillful worker can do this job well is getting less and less gradually.

    Five years later in 2015, due to the smart choice of this in plant plate making system LaserBlack + FlexoBag, to speed up the production as well as reduce cost of printing plate down to 20% or even 10% only than other printers who has rely on plate making outside in the trade shops, this can’t say that it is not a big sum of saving. The boss started to build a 2nd factory which is 5 times bigger in size than the 1st one. They purchased a set of medium size machine from us.

    Then in 2019, they start to establish the 3rd factory which is 5 times bigger again and it is 25 times bigger than the 1st factory. The factory is now as big as a school in the south part of VN near Hochiminh city. At this kind of facility they have to change to a biggest system of FlexoBag machine to make plate and for negative making, as well they have to use CTF Computer To Film system from us by inkjet printer to make negative film and plate 24 hours a day in 3 shifts.

    This is telling a story that to make plates in plant is definitely a trend of box printer to make their own plate to save time / labor and reduce plate cost to 10% of your out sourcing plates most important is to increase the efficiency of your production if the boss has bright eye to see their future by using the proper system and equipment.

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