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Product Name : StampBag System
Item# : 173357-573
Model : 173357-573
Last update : 2015.03.31
Manufacturer :
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@StampBag Innovation


From DIY, education to mass production of clear stamps
Water wash x Easy x Quick x Convenient x Green x Low costs

LaserBlack enhancer: make negative from your printer make your own negative and washout by water are major merits. @StampBag easy to fill in photopolymer as a ready made sachet only these two new inventions can make stamps economically. Water wash and easy for one who wants to start stamp making Economic x simple x quick process x green x environ-friendly.

Liquid photopolymer is very low cast for mass product of stamps @StampBag can remove all bubbles in advance before exposure. Quick process can deliver a stamp to your customer in 20 minutes. New available low cost exposure kit A7 with equipment + materials. Stamp making total solution from 1 office stamp to mass production available large size equipment from A4, A3, 60 x90 cm to 1.1 x 1.6m

Your flexible + reliable partner @StampBag  professional service since 1974

@SaampBag System

LaserBlack to make netative
@StampBag A7 kit to make low cost photopolymer stamps

LaserBlack to make negative film from you laser printer at very high density and economically in order for you able to make a film and stamp in 20 minutes. @StampBag system is a new invention / patent technology of

making stamp by filling liquid resin into a 3-side sealed bag in any size you want and as simple, easy as a full sealed pack but the cost is much lower than it. (30% - 50% cheaper) depends on the bag size (please refer to the

@StampBag cost analysis)

@StampBag A7 Kit – stamp making for 200 pcs in 8 x 10cm equipment can use forever

For operation : www.flexotech.com.tw / English/stamps_Making.htm 

@StampBag A7 kit price

Equipment + material

For 200 pieces A7 stamp making 

1.    @A7 Exposure unit (Max. exposure size: 15 x15cm)  

2.    Glass holder for exposure (9 x11cm)            

3.    Water exposure tray                             

4.    photopolymer resin F -50                        

5.    Injection set for bag filling                       

6.    Bag (9 x13 cm) x 200 pcs                       

7.    Washout brush                                    

8.    Anti-tack salt (100g)                              

9.    Washout tray                                      

10.  Bubble remove box                               

11.  Tracing paper for negative making A4 x 10        

12.  Stamp holder x 1                                  

13.  Double side sponge tape x 1 roll                  

14.  Negative sample                                   

15.  Demo vcd on line (with How to make in file)

Total USD 200.-

Plus extra EMS air freight (door to door service)             

Please ask for total  C&F  delivery to you !                                            

@StampBag System

A Contemporary Sachet Technology for Stamp Making 
Water wash - Enviro green - Innovative 
Quick x Easy x Economic x Time & Labor saving 
(Only a double side exposure unit is required)

@StampBag is a completely new development for stamp making from an office stamp to mass production of fancy stamps. This innovation is experienced from 30 years of conventional liquid & solid photopolymer stamp making.

LaserBlack Enhancer is your image setter

LaserBlack Enhancer to make negative from your laser printer, which is a perfect solution for water washout stamp making. Please visit www.laserblack.net for more information.

@StampBag is a faster exposure, with fine reproduction details, water washout, easy and rapid operation. for a 3mm stamp the exposure time is only 2 minutes in total, wide latitude, fine details, no bubbles, tolerance in + / - 0.03mm , you may make the bag from size A8 to A0 size, big size plate is good for corrugated printing

Water wash-out is the best advantage of @StampBag System, no solvent means less drying time, quick ready as well as saving cost for plate making and environmental green. Water washout time is only 2 minutes.

In less than 20 minutes, you can have a stamp made from your monitor including print out, LaserBlack enhancing as a negative film on tracing paper and stamp making by water wash. Remember that cost of tracing paper is as low as nothing . For more details please visit www.stampbag.net.

F-90 photo resin

For mold & matrix making


@flexo group is announcing new product of F-90 liquid photo resin which is for casting industry and rubber stamp / plate making by using matrix. Low cost, water wash, easy operation and economic equipment investment are the merit. By only preparing a tank of F-90, you can make hardness of 90 A (32 D) and heat resistance of 150 degree C to make any size mold or matrix you like.

Solid plate for matrix is getting less and less therefore the cost of it is higher and higher, by using liquid resin the cost is only 50% of a solid photopolymer plate. Due to new inventions / patents, from LaserBlack now you can have negative to make a plate quickly also due to @flexoBag liquid photo resin now is very easy to make a plate for molding or matrix.

LaserBlack enhancer can make a negative by your own HP laser printer print on tracing paper or transparent film, go through our Enhancer after drying it you will have a negative on hand in your plant for plate exposure.


By a concept of putting resin into a bag to pre-treat the bubbles, @flexoBag is a total new solution for you to make a plate from photo resin quickly and easy. The equipment is available from A4 size to A0 as any size as you wish.


@flexo plate

Photopolymer solid plates

(for Perchloroethyene + NBA and green chemicals washout)
Good for water / alcohol based inks
And less than 10% Ethyl Acetates solventinks

These plates are specially designed to print on substrates such as corrugated board. Paper board, paper and paper

bags. We offer superior performance to meet thedemanding quality for contemporary packing print industry.

Features :
※ Wide exposure latitude. (No masking needed.)
※ Uniform thickness and proper hardness to ensure good printing quality.
※ Sharp relief shoulder, clear & fine graphics capability especially suitable for the oriental fine characters.
※ Short exposure and fast wash-out to enhance productivity.
※ Excellent Flexo ink transfer, Excellent Flexo ink coverage.
※ Good clarity for easy registration.

Plate making Processes : 
※ Back-exposure : The length of back-exposure sets the relief depth :this exposure provides the proper base to anchor the finest relief image.
※ Main-exposure : After removal of the protective film, this exposure through a negative film to form the printing relief. Use a matte negative.
※ Wash-out : The photopolymer in the non-imaged area washed away. The wash-out solvents normally used for flexo-plates. Including those environmentally-save ones. Are suitable.
※ Drying : The wash-out solvent retaining in the plate evaporates during this heat drying process. After drying allow the plate to rest for a period of 12 hours to return to the original caliper.
※ Post-curing : Exposure the polymer plate again to increase hardness & physical strength.

※ De-tack : This may be done by exposing the plate face to UVC light.

*How to make a stamp - @StampBag System

1. Negative film from LaserBlack
LaserBlack Enhance is an unique device and most economic way to prepare a negative for stamp making from your

own HP laser printer no matter it is a tracing paper or transparent film you are required. Visit this site to get more
information www.laserblack.net or you may also have film output from an image setterㄡ

2. Inject resin into the bag
By using a injection set or any plastic bottle with a taper mouth by putting resin into the injection set / bottle, bubbles will happen, stand the bag in a carton paper box over night (as the photo shown) or at east for 1 hour, in order to let all the bubbles go to top then eventually break and disappear. The cost of this @StampBag is only 30% of a sealed pack.

3. Bubble removing (very important)
The principle of the bubble removing is going to nature by using gravity. Once bubbles are happened, it will always go to up, when you standing the bag, the small bubble will go up and join together with other small bubble to

become a middle bubble then middle bubble become a big bubble, at last big bubble breaks and disappears.

4. Put film upon bag and corer glass frame
The glass frame is equipped with @A6 exposure unit for stamp making, the thickness is fixed, just putting in the

negative with the bag by pressing 2 glasses tightly and then use 2 clamps to the edges. This will assure the evenness
of the stamp surface and the thickness of the stamp.

5. Clamp 2 glasses tightly
The glass frame is special designed and made by 2pieces of glass with a fix gauge for the fixed thickness of a stamp.
(normally 3.00mm) once the bag with negative are put in, close the cover glass, it will squeegee the resin inside the bag, more pressure will squeegee the excess resin out and resin in the bag becoming saturated.
6. Start the back exposure (no film side)
Back exposure is important to decide the thickness of a stamp therefore less back exposure will make a deeper relief stamp good for printing images. @A6 exposure unit is a very unique and economic device for UV exposing the
@StampBag the exposure time is only 40 seconds.

(Rest part of this guidance is available under your request by email.)



35-Aniversary SPECIAL
Model: @EZ A4 - Exposure

35-Aniversary Special
Model: @EZ A4 - Wash

35-Aniversary Special

Model: @A5 - W washout unit




Exposure with Vacuum pump + Dryer

Water washout + Treatment


1.Liguid photopolymer stamp making.

2.Liguid resin in bag stamp making


NEW @A4 LR ( Liguid Resin ) @A3LR

NEW @A4 FB ( Resin in Bag ) @A3FB


@A4 (21 x 30 cm)
@A3 (30 x 42 cm)

For Stamps / Liguid Resin / bag

@A4 LR @A3LR-for liquid resin 
@A4 FB @A3FB-for @FlexoBag








@A4 LR

+Washout +Treatment

760 x 650 x 400 mm




@A4 FB

760 x 650 x 400 mm




@A3 LR

940 x 770 x 400 mm




@A3 FB

940 x 770 x 400 mm




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