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Product Name : LaserBlack​ enhancer
Item# : 14057-888
Model : 14057-888
Last update : 2015.05.05
Manufacturer :
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        DoubleBlack Systems

           NozzleBlack + LaserBlack

                                      Double Black for film making = LaserBlack (since 2002) + NozzleBlack (since 2014)

                                       LaserBlack is an Enhancing black density 3X method from a print from laser printer.

                                       NozzleBlack is a direct image on flexographic plate from inkjet printer without film.

NozzleBlack CTP (Computer To flexographic Plate) is the only system direct image on a plate by inkjet printer in the world. Since 2014, 20000+ users over the global enjoying no film direct image on flexo plate as well as on a screen frame emulsion coated for no film / no vacuum. Can be exposed by an in line LED / UV on an inkjet printer for 100% successful job without failure, covenient with a very sharp image.

Due to print from a laser printer was a most clear / sharp image / with nice black density good for reproduction text / character in the past days. It is however, still not good opaque enough for plate exposure when print on a film or tracing paper by a laser printer. LaserBlack enhancer was the product for plate making purpose from an image print out by a laser printer at that time. Convenient / economic / easy to operate was the slogan….. after laser print then go through LaserBlack enhancer to get 3 times black density to expose a plate nicely. We have twenty thousands of users in the global market and keep on growing until now due to cheap and convenient.

In addition to CTP direct inkjet image on a flexographic / letterpress plate, we also equipped in line on the inkjet printer with back exposure UV lamps under the flat bed for non-turn over relief exposure to save labor and damage. This was the advantaged technology we used with our 40 year-experience of manufacturing flexographic plate making machine so as to the usage of a LED/ UV lamp in line to harden the printed image right after inkjet print at the same time. This is also most important for CTS  (Computer To Screen) because of no film / no vacuum will benefit screen plate making from more sharp image / time saving / no vacuum failure for repeat making any more as well as a skillful engineer is not required any longer.

With invention patent in 40 countries and 20000 users over the world, consumers still always complain that the printer is too small for them, for there is very few laser printer size over A3, this was the inventive of why Team@flexo have to develop inkjet printer for film making: CTF + CTP + CTS these 3 C actually become an important motives of Flexo Technology in the past 5 years to make a change to create a really applicable film making technology for plate makings. At the time while everybody is keen on CTF Computer To Film making we believe that we have the obligation to develop more advanced technologies of CTP / CTS for no film / no vacuum plate makings by inkjet printer for big size / good enough density negative film making which is a far cheaper method than to use an very expensive laser ablation device.

And fortunately, we have made it possible. (190505)


                  First announcement of LaserBlack Enhancer in Bogota / Columbia Andina-Pack 2003 

     How to do next when photographic film disappears?


The first few wave of rumors in the past that photographic film manufacturers will announce to stop manufacturing as well as photographic film is about to terminate the production and disappear again recently. For printing and plate making industry how to respond it, how to choose alternative plan to face this problem for future production requirement?

This is one of the sectors to make your choice:

LaserBlack Enhancer:    Although the size of only A3 / A4, it is difficult to meet the use of the industry, the dot gain rate may also be less than 10%, but for those small plate makers is a very affordable method, the reason is cheap equipment, table-top machine can be used in the office either from a A3 laser printer or a small four-in-one A4 machine with also good results, use of tracing paper the cost is very low, if to be printed with many colors can use the film for good registration with a laser printer to print, and then go through the LaserBlack machine to dissolve the black toner powder into a thin black layer covering the black image area to make a higher black density over3.50, which is good enough for a variety of printing plate making. (LaserBlack Enhancer currently marketing 20000 units worldwide). Small, economy and convenient, and with the application of Photoshop… and other software color separation with screening dot also can be made. Many users of the industry love it, especially for stamp / nameplate / stickers / T-shirts and all other printing industries.

Frequently answered questions (LB / FAQ)

LaserBlack Enhancer

1. How is LaserBlack used?


Images on monitor, printed on translucent paper or transparent film by laser printer, then go through our LaserBlack Enhancer can get dark enough density as traditional photo film for exposing plate directly to make all kinds of printing plate. 

2. How is the result of it? 

No matter what you print, we can make it 300 to 400% darker. 

The density can be high up to 3.0 to 4.0 (Depends on your printer). 

3. Does it effects the blank areas? 

LaserBlack is a clear solution, leaving no visible residue effecting the density in transparent areas. 

4. Will it fix the toner image forever? 

Yes, it will not only solve the toner evenly and stick on the surface forever but also will fill the gaps between the toner, it is really incredible. (See “feedback from users.” On our website) 

5. Will it work on inkjet prints? 

No, LaserBlack is designed for laserjet printers only. 

6. How about consumption of LaserBlack solution? 

A4 2000 sheets per liter, A3 1000 sheets per liter. 

7. How about finest character and dot? 

Character: 4 pt Dot: 150 lpi 
It depends on your printer, no matter what you print, as long as you are satisfied with the print, we just make it 300 to 400% darker density for you to make a good plate. 
New generation printers such as 1200 x 1200 dpi can get fine print so as to get better enhanced results absolutely. 

8. Is it really non-toxic and no harm to human? 

Yes, we use hi-tech non-toxic solution, not harmful to human. 

9. Can I use inside the room? 

Yes, you can use it inside the room, only suggest to open the door for venting. 

10. Any shipping problem? 

No, as we do not use strong and toxic solvent, there is no problem of shipment.  

11. What is a proper material for printer? 

As long as it is a translucent paper or transparent film can be printed with your laser printer which is good enough for our enhancer. However, if your requirement is critical, we will suggest you to use our paper or film to get best enhanced results for good registration for color printing.

12. After procession, is it really use water to clean off ? 

After operation just wash off your hands with tap water. 

13. Can I use any brand of laser printer? 

Yes, but will suggest to use HP or Canon for best enhancing results.

14. Is the density anything to do with drying method? 

Yes, each set of LB enhancer attached with a Quick-Black Gun, suggest to use this Q-B gun to get quick and best results. 

15. Can I use recycle toner cartridge?  

Of course you can use recycle toner cartridge, sometimes, the enhanced result is better than the original one. 

16. What kind of printing plate making can be used? 

All kinds of plate making need a positive or negative film to expose the image can use LaserBlack R System. Now the density can reach 3.0, so it is no problem even to expose the longest exposure needed as for 7mm photopolymer plate directly for corrugated board printing. 

17. Shall I adjust the enhancer frequently? 

No, once the enhancer has been set up, you will not need to adjust it any more. 

Unless you want to adjust it for applying more or less solution. 

18. How about warranty from you? 

One year warranty and after service for long. 

19. Any tips to reach more black density? 

We have made several experiments in our laboratory, in order to get darkest density for some users making critical plates, please refer to the following chart: 


It shows that if you lay down the paper 2-4 minutes after enhancing, then dry it with Q-B gun. The density can increase from 1.05 to 3.24 – 3.49, which means 309% to 332% black density increased. To put the enhanced paper aside for 2-4 minutes then drying it, you can get best enhanced results.

20. In addition to this, any other way to increase density? 

To release the pressure between 2 rollers in order to carry more solution applying to paper surface, lay it down for 2-4 minutes then dry up will increase density definitely.

LaserBlack enhancer is a most economic and quick way to make a negative film on tracing paper or transparent film from your own HP laser printer the biggest size now is A3. In case of any query, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be very happy to answer you all the questions.

21. If the black result is not so good what should we do?

Check if drying step is not complete / running out of toner in the cartridge / 100% black setting on your original file / using LaserBlack super black toner cartridge?

www.flexotech.com.tw  flexotec@ms32.hinet.net 


Young brother of NozzleBlack





Your image setter

100% successful jobs 300% black density increasing

Reduce your film cost

Most economic film maker In the market.


Just a laser print on a translucent paper or a transparent film, go through our LaserBlack enhancer, the print can be 300-400% darkened in black density (over 3.5). no matter it is a  positive or neqative, This is good enough for any

kind of plate exposure, do not have to use image setter or photo film from a reproduction camera anymore. It is very simple and easy, everybody can do it. Even a most opaque density needed. The longest exposure time for a 7 mm thickness photopolymer plate can be exposing directly for corrugated board printing.

Positive – Negative Film output system

No camera    No image setter    No more photo-film

Available Models : LB-A4  A3 



Cost you only tracing paper, but get darkened film results, Ready for exposure to make all kind of plates including longest exposure time needed thickest 7mm photopolymer plates. 

◎ Suggest use HP / Canon Laser Printers for best results
◎ A Quick-Black gun and 500C.C. of LB-Solution will be equipped with every purchase of A3/A4 Enhancer
◎ One liter LB-Solution can process 2000 sheets of A4 size tracing paper / transparent film (with no evaporation)
◎ New Super-Black toner cartridge available now to achieve density over 3.5-4.0 its cheaper than a HP/Canon original
◎ It is as simple and easy as to operate a fax machine.
◎ Motors are UL/CE listed, all the parts are guaranteed.
◎ No air pollution not harmful to your health any more.
◎ LaserBlack is a non-toxic, friendly, green chemical.
◎ After operation, just clean your hands with water
◎ Just a laser print onto tracing paper from your P/C.
◎ Go throughout our LaserBlack you get a darkened film
◎ Opaque density can reach or over 3.50 (3 to 4 x darker)
◎ Same good results with fine line / character and dots.
◎ Good for all kinds of exposing during plate making.
◎ Excellent quality to match with your internet standard
◎ Save cost of camera, say good-bye to photo-films
◎ LaserBlack is a scientific method becoming a new trend 


Pay on line by Paypal

LaserBalck Enhancer Kits

Each kit includes: 

LaserBlack Enhancer x 1    

Quick-Black Gun (Dryer) x 1

LB-Solution 500 C.C. x 1 (This is water base, can process 1000 Sheets of A4 size tracing paper or film)

LB-A4 kit C&F  USD 310.00     LB-A3 kit  C&F  USD 370.00

Extra LB-Solution 1000 c.c. USD 25.50 + extra fieight
Extra LB-TF film USD 220.-/A4 x 1000sh  USD 220.-/A3 x 500 sh + extra freight
Extra LB-TP paper USD 55.-/A4 x 1000sh  USD 55.-/A3 x 500 sh + extra freight

The price is including air freight by EMS door to door service or equivalent air postage where EMS is not available.

Just TT transfer your payment to our bank or pay by papal (A Paypal easy access mail of payment will follow upon request)
You will have your goods in 7 days.
(Almost every where but longer distance area may have to take more days)

Request for Proforma invoice please send email to :
lb@laserblack.net with your full name, address and tel / fax numbers.
For quick access once you have remitted the payment please give us a scan copy of the bank slip.      

CE Certificate & Declaration of LaserBlack

We are very proud to announce that we have been approved & granted Certificate of Test No. R08022201E, Meantime CE Declaration of Conformity is also available for all the EU dealers and clients from us under your request.

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