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Product Name : In plant plate making
Item# : 104016-250
Model : 104016-250
Last update : 2015.07.27
Manufacturer :
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Flexo plate making


No matter you are a label / flexible packaging / corrugated box flexo printer, it is important and necessary to have your plates made at your own factory. This is nothing to do with money, but it will grant you ten advantages as below:

A. Time saving

B. Waiting time saving

C. Transportation saving

D. Quality controllable

E. Complete line for high production

F. RD for new future.

G. Cost saving 80% than our sourcing

H. Use new equipment and technology for low capital investment.

I. Keeping your own business secrete and customers secretes.

K. simply one click to operate anybody can do it. No need to have skilled engineer any more.

J. No more digital plates use your conventional plate.

When you are out sourcing for plate making outside the factory it will be time for sending / waiting for production / delivery back to your plant. The quickest maybe 1 day – next day delivery but in many areas it will take at least 1 week or even more. In some case may have to go out side the country then sending back to you which may take 2 weeks to 1 month.

These time waiting may lose interest of customer keeping on giving you printing order or even go to your competitors who are doing in their own plant will make delivery quicker than you. In addition, time waiting will also affect your printing productivity and cash flow.

Now a days it is easy to send a file by internet or other tools but still after plate is made has to deliver back to you. The quicker the delivery, the higher the cost of transportation fees. In-plant plate making will delete all these costs for you.

As printing press foot print is so important for not only the press but also for each of color printing units therefore it is very free and easy for you to calibrate each printing unit in your factory and adjust it from your own plate making conveniently. So as to the improving of your printing quality as you like just inside your own plate making room.

Normally a boss knows how to buy a good machine for the production, but a smart boss will also think of it is important to build up a prepress room by using the new developed technology and equipment for capital investment saving and more efficient. By which to complete the full production line in plant completely.

For RD purpose (Research and Development) is also an advantaged way of thinking for a factory. May sometimes also getting grants from government authorities. But it is easy and convenient for your prepress room to conduct new projects for your own future. A clever boss may give extra bonus to encourage employees for creating a new product or project.

Many bosses told us that after having their own plate making in plant have saved their out sourcing cost a lot, up most to 80% saving if compare with it is in the past with our sourcing expenses. Bosses are quite happy for the new technology, innovative equipment and application soft wares provided in whole package. As well as earn all advantages mentions here.

New technology means NO-FILM innovation for the future, digitalization makes dream of no film come true for sharper image and film cost saving. For the new equipment a CTP (Computer To Plate) inkjet printer to print a black image on plate directly then to exposure with no film and no vacuum device is now upside down the tradition with low capital investment of inkjet printers.

Most important is keep privacy of you and your clients’ secrete, many printers do not want to leak source of their job in order to protect their business. And your clients also do not like their competitors to know what they are doing now as well as what they will do in the future from the packages you are printing for their future products.

There will be a major saving for using conventional plate you are using is good enough for you to keep on your production smooth, due to not necessary to use particular digital plates for our inkjet CTP, you do not have to change to use plate other than your favor for the best printing result you are requiring. You just use the plates you are normally use.The price difference for a digital plate is about 30% higher.


               Plate making & Printing

               WORKING TOGETHER

It is a very simple philosophy that plate making is a part of production to your printing process. In the past most of the printers rely on art work and plate making house to make plate outside ready for on press printing.

That was due to needing skilled artwork personnel to do the typing / drawing / layout then to make a film for reproducing image and finally exposure the image on a plate in order to make a plate for printing.

Now a days, artwork is no longer a skilled job and can be anybody, by using a computer any body can click and arrange for the type setting / drawing

/ photo to layout a plate ready image for plate making and then output

an image immediately for plate exposure no matter it uses film or no. No process camera / image setter / developing equipment is necessary any more.

For plate making part, due to digitalization and automatic process , the plate making machine are now easy to operate by quick education and training no professional technician is required for this prepress job, any body who knows how to click a computer is able to make a plate beautifully and quickly. These are gifts from automation which makes it possible for plate making in plant and depends on outsourcing not any more.

For flexographic and letterpress printers this is becoming a new trend to make your own plate as a part of printing production.

As to automation of flexo and letterpress plate makings, no film direct image on plate are getting popular now, from a flatbed inkjet printer you can have your

image on a plate directly using no film any more and you can exposure the plate on the printer either, no more exposure machine with vacuum sheet is necessary.

Meantime, automatic processor is also convenient for plate making, after exposure move from printer into auto washout machine in minutes you can have your plate ready for printing.

These are new weapons for after pandemic business, you may have to think of using it when you want to recover quickly from the spreading, meantime in plant plate making will save a lot of time, labor and cost for you.


Auto@flexo Digital Washout processor

               How to make money

                                       as a corrugated box printing factory

         Minimum capital investment of automatic system and equipment

         Rest of technical / maintenance / service just rely on our training

CONG TY TNHH BAO BI GIAY DOANH THAI corrugated box printer, located in Song

Than Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam has been using our FlexoBag plate

making system since 2010 in their 1st factory.

     At that time they are only aiming for the simple and easy combination of using most economic investment for making their negative film by LaserBlack Enhancer in plant from us plus a small sized FlexoBag machine to make their own plate by liquid phtopolymer which is the only way to use no solvent but only water for green purpose in order to substitute hand engraving manually. At the time the skillful worker can do this job well is getting less and less gradually.

    Five years later in 2015, due to the smart choice of this in plant plate making system LaserBlack + FlexoBag, to speed up the production as well as reduce cost of printing plate down to 20% or even 10% only than other printers who has rely on plate making outside in the trade shops, this can’t say that it is not a big sum of saving. The boss started to build a 2nd factory which is 5 times bigger in size than the 1st one. They purchased a set of medium size machine from us.

    Then in 2019, they start to establish the 3rd factory which is 5 times bigger again and it is 25 times bigger than the 1st factory. The factory is now as big as a school in the south part of VN near Hochiminh city. At this kind of facility they have to change to a biggest system of FlexoBag machine to make plate and for negative making, as well they have to use CTF Computer To Film system from us by inkjet printer to make negative film and plate 24 hours a day in 3 shifts.

    This is telling a story that to make plates in plant is definitely a trend of box printer to make their own plate to save time / labor and reduce plate cost to 10% of your out sourcing plates most important is to increase the efficiency of your production if the boss has bright eye to see their future by using the proper system and equipment.

 Why printers have to

flexo plate making in plant

In the past days over the world or even in Japan now, most of corrugated printers (95%) are outsourcing their plate for they may presume that plate making is a total different production for a box printing company.

Now a days, they found the profit of outsourcing plate is taken so much from them that many corrugated factories are getting interest in making their own plates in plant from which may reduce this part of cost to only 10-20 % from what they are paying every month.

They may think of complications of first, film making then plate making, to hire more people for this purpose, no easy to have skilled engineers for the job. Most important is considering if there is a SOP to success the plate making. After they buying the equipment may just increase they capital investment and cause other problems of people management.

Obviously to save cost of everything inside the manufacturing factory is a trend for every industry now. Less people to work in plate making room with contemporary equipment of digitalization and automation by investing less cost machine for future production, this dream of 80-90% cost saving of your plate can come true.

Due to trade war between countries, JP corrugated box factories are predicting a recession is coming soon, for this reason, they have to cut off the high cost items and put into first innovation list. Changing from outsourcing plates to make it in plant is almost the first consideration and decision now so as the same way of thinking in Korea.

CTP (Computer To Plate), direct image without using film by inkjet printer is a first choice of economic investment for plate making now a days. With automatic washout machine for SOP process. Both are good and important weapons for digitalization and automation as well as for less cost effective investments. Two persons are required in the plate making room, and raw material cost is also limited to the photopolymer plate in boxes only.

    Die makers => flexo plate making

Die making and flexo plate making seems nothing to do each other with no intersection at all. But actually both of the industries are using a same drawing / design for production. As a matter of fact, die drawing is only a little bit bigger surrounding of the image drawing.

For a die maker looks difficult to start with plate making, but due to inkjet printer and supported by various software, it is now everything in digitalization and automation. For color separation and dot screening jobs it is no longer like in the old days needing well trained engineers to work for a long time. As in 50 years ago a 4-color separation job can be made 4 sets in a day, and for the screening job you have to repeat again and again until it is found proper from a printed proof.

Everything is under SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) now, as long as a click no matter who push the button and with experience or not. In addition to the image making part, a CTP (Computer To Plate) direct image on plate system can give color separated and screened dots perfectly from an inkjet printer with RIP (Raster Image Processor) software to do all jobs directly on plate without film, which was not possible for an unskilled person to do it so quickly.

As to the plate making process, due to technology of inkjet direct image on plate, exposure problem caused by vacuum to ensure no air in between film and plate are now all avoided. With automatic plate processing equipment, you just put it into auto washout machine after UV exposure. A beautiful plate is coming out in few minutes waiting for drying and finishing then to mount on printing press. By these innovative machine, flexo plate making is as easy as die making now.

This is a proper timing for people who want to make plate and die together in order to serve the same customers with same drawing (file)

Or who is now suffering with no technical engineer to do the job / no SOP of plate making / lack of plate making technology, it is good for you to consider and start it now. For we have many experience to help die making customers switched to plate making successfully in the world.

corrugated box printing factory



film to plate

small to big size

water wash or solvent wash

economically or fully automatic


depending on your budget

so many combinations for your investment

let us know your requirements as size / quantity / reproduction quality 

and your budget in order for us to recommend a proper system for you. 


film making : (A) Laserblack         (B) Nozzlebalck CTF / CTP

plate type:  (C) water wash-liquid   (D) solvent wash-solid

plate size :  (E) 70x100cm         (F) 100x120cm


(Price including hardware + driving software + RIP software for dots up to 80 lpi)

Above prices are FOB Taiwan. Freight will be quoted upon your order with consumables

Engineers will be sent for installation and training please take care of their hotel + foods  

Over view of a flexoBag prepress room in Philippines 

in-plant plate making = cost down 80%



            Our exhibition at SUPER CORRUGATED EXPOSITION / Orlando Florida USA / Oct 2016 

       Team@flexo new developed no-film / double side exposure inkjet printer is a big step for fully automatic flexo prepress plate making in plant now, any body can operate it as clicking a coomputer no more technician is required. This is really a good news for corrugated box printing factory to make their own plate to save a lot of cost and time.


                                          flexoBag air bubble remover in a Vietnam corrugated box factory

Pre-press room whole-plant

Helped over 100 printers

for corrugate box

Team @flexo, with over 100 cases experience of assisting build up of pre-press room for plate making shops and corrugated printer in-plant. The experience including negative film making and plate making by both solid plate solvent washout system + liquid resin water wash system.


    In 2014, Team @flexo first announced new technology of direct inkjet on plate  CTP system, from it on photographic film will disappear completely and say good bye to high cost photo film, a new era of flexo plate making is opening then.


    Following the strict law of environment protections, even government of new developed countries like CN + VN + ….. have started control of using Perc for plate making. Fortunately, Team @flexo has created a total solution of a green way to make flexo plate by only water washout - @flexoBag system. www.flexobag.us


    Once machine has reached your plant, our engineers will do the installation and training for you in your factory, no matter where is the location you are. For your in-plant plate making to save your time and time is money + low production cost, please view this site for more information:



Prepress whole plant


- Plate making for corrugated box printing -

no running-in period and skilled worker required


No-film fully automatic plate making

CTP flexo no film plate making

+ inline UV exposures

*Good for inkjet with black image on any brand of flexo plate. 
*Opaque density over 3.50 by using nano black ink technology.
*Drying immediately with no blooding or spreading of image.   
*led / UV inline exposure right after image inkjet on the plate.
*Equipped with UV lamps under flat bed for back exposure.     
*The black image can be solved with plate washout solution.     
*Existing software for graphic design can be accept by printer.  
*RIP good for color separation and dot screening up to 85 lpi.  
*2 model: 4260 (1080 x 1530 mm) & 5280 (1320 x 2030 mm).  

*Ideal automation for corrugated and screen plate making.          


Auto-washer + Dryer

Anti-tack+ Post exposure


PLC touch panel it is easy and clear to control the washout machine with solvent temperature control and solvent density checking device automatic release used solvent and replenish the new fresh

solvent with black layer removing washout tank for inkjet CTP and digital plate all solvent contacted compartment we use all stainless steel for rust free


UVC lamps for anti-tack treatment and UVA lamps for post exposure 3 levels of dryer with 3

temperature controls with 3 timers individually


Fresh solvent from recovery unit sucked into washout unit automatically




CTP direct image on plate with UV double-side exposure inline

Oh my dear boss, 

where is film and our exposure unit?


Part 1----

CTP flexo no-film with inline UV exposures printer

CTP inkjet direct image system + UV double side exposure inline on flat-bed printer (3 in 1) this is a small step of Team@flexo but it is a great step for flexo plate industry without doubt.                                                                                   

Power of LED / UV is depends on new development of wafer, fluorescent powder and ratio of transforming from light to heat. These are all strong industries in Taiwan by which enable us to apply these technologies on our new inkjet printer in order of Inline UV exposure.                                                                               

*Good for inkjet with black image on any brand of flexo plate.

*Opaque density over 3.50 by using nano black ink technology.
*Drying immediately with no blooding or spreading of image.
*led / UV inline exposure right after image inkjet on the plate.
*Equipped with UV lamps under flat bed for back exposure.   
*The black image can be solved with plate washout solution.   
*Existing software for graphic design can be accept by printer.  
*RIP good for color separation and dot screening up to 85 lpi.  
*2 model: 4260 (1080 x 1530 mm) & 5280 (1320 x 2030 mm).
*Ideal automation for corrugated box.              



                         52 x 110 inch (1320 x 2800 mm)

                                                         64 x 110 inch (1626 x 2800 mm)

Team@flexo is now able to supply you Jumbo CTP inkjet printer in 52 x 110 inch (1320 x 2800 mm) by using no film / no vacuum technology which enable plate making to be very simple, easy and convenient for handling these jumbo flexo plate available in the world now. By just think of how to make the big film / how to move and draw down with plate by vacuum / how to check and how to escape the air bubbles in the middle of the film and plate, you will know how much the benefits of this Jumbo printer can do for you.

This will equipped with UV lamps under flatbed for back exposure on the printer in line. LED /UV on printer head access simultaneously right after print, in order to protect image on plate surface of no damage during moving for enhanced exposure and moving the big plate to washout machine.

Furthermore, plate manufacturers can make giant plate up to 64 x 110 inch (1626x 2800 mm) under special order basis, this is also no problem for NozzleBlack CTP printer at all. Only the actual effective back exposure area is limited to 52 x 110 inch (1320 x 2800mm) due to limited lamp length. Because, we use a best printer for X-axis from Japan which actually is a printer good for 64 inch print in width.

  The jumbo film is not necessary any more due to direct image on plate now and no more vacuum during exposure of no film. Meantime, jumbo plate washout have also to be managed at the same time, in order to complete the whole plate making process. Fortunately we also available jumbo automatic washout processor with Auto washout + Exposure + Drying + Solvent recovery to finish total plate making steps.

  Auto washout unit equipped with black ink / layer removing first then going into the normal wash department as for digital plate. Elevated exposure unit for post exposure and enhancing the fine line / fine text / fine dot exposure for 100% reproduction because of sharp image from direct image on plate. Drying unit equipped with anti-tack UVC treatment and a recovery unit is connecting fresh solvent come in and old solvent go out automatically.

This combination of corrugated flexo jumbo plate pre-press system is the most simple / easy / economic / low investment / low production cost / less damage / less failure / less labor ways of flexo plate making in the world by now. Just think of how much money can be saved from jumbo film making / jumbo film procession / jumbo plate moving / jumbo plate handling….., these is already saving a lot of money for you already.


NozzleBlack CTP VS Conventional flexo plate under

high magnification in flat screen area

Opening a new era-For flexo and screen preress

NozzleBlack - CPT

Part 2 ----

Auto-washer + Dryer + Anti-tack + Post exposure + Solvent recovery


PLC touch panel it is easy and clear to control the washout machine with solvent temperature control and solvent

density checking device automatic release used solvent and replenish, the new fresh solvent with black layer removing washout tank for inkjet CTP and digital plate. All solvent contacted compartment we use all stainless steel for rust free.


UVC lamps for anti-tack treatment and UVA lamps for post exposure 3 levels of dryer with 3 temperature controls with 3 timers individually.


Fresh solvent from recovery unit sucked intowashout unit automatically



CTP installation in Lima/Pe

    Decon negociaciones is a company outside the capital city of Lima in Peru. In September 2015 they ordered one CTP Model: 1080 & one CTF NozzleBlack for film making by inkjet printer from Team @flexo. December 7-14 our engineer Peter goes to the company for installation and training.


    When CTP printer shipped out from our warehouse and reached there, because of long holidays of Thanksgiving, it take 2 months to unpack it from the crates so that the nozzle head is dry up needs to clean off completely. Installation is started from leveling / head height adjusting / trouble shooting to daily maintenance all under SOP operation manual. After first print they washout the plate immediately, when engineer Miguel and boss Hudson seeing the first result smile full on their faces.


    Factory is located in the small town Lurin where is in the south of Lima, it is a place of dry air and full of sand near the sea. The view is looked like in the sea side as in South East Asia with palm trees it is a complete different image with high cold weather in Andes mountain areas.


    Anyway, this trip of CTP + CTF installation course in South America seems a real pleasure for Peter not only to fulfil the mission but also for him to know that customers like this new developed equipment so much.


Installation and training for Qpack in SA

                              Items purchased:

  1. Model: 4260 flexo palte making system (including @4260ET + @4260WD)

  2. 60-Liter solvent recovery unit (for green, although solvent is cheap there.)

  3. @flexo plate in thickness of 4.70mm x 42 x 60 inch for 3 months consumption


Two engineers will be send to SA on July 5th including one for CTP set-up and giving instructions the other one for flexo plate making training + machine maintenance.


Qpack company will have their own plate for routine printing production on July 12th right after FlexoTech engineers come back to TW. This is fulfilling a dream for Mr. Abdulah / CB of Qpack who desires to make own plate in plant for a long time.


Qpack in Saudi Arabia purchased complete set equipment from Team@flexo in May 2015 this is a solid plate making system in complete. The reason is in SA, solvent price is cheaper than water, so they insist of using solvent washout plate system.


In September engineer from Team@flexo reached Riyadh to do installation and training for their prepress room, for flexo plate making and instruction of maintenance of the plate making machine.


Qpack is a package printing company specialized in corrugated box printing locating in Qassim where is 200 kg away from Riyadh, all surrounded by desert. Temperature keeps in 40 degree C all the year round, raining season is December..


After the installation and training we rely on their engineers to practice and practice in order for getting more and more experience after our engineer go back to Taiwan especially for the trouble shootings. Because Qpack is new on plate making, before now, they rely on out sourcing, which have to wait a long time and long distance for delivery.


When first plate was made and test printed from their press, the owner smile up satisfactorily on his face. From now on they do not have to wait so long for a plate. 


Prepress room total solution for VN

Keeneye company in Hochiminh city / Vietnam is keen in building up their own liquid photopolymer prepress center in for their growing business, to reduce their costs of using solid plate and washout solvent.


In 2014 November when All-in-print show held is Shanghai / China, Mr. Thien boss of the company came to the exhibition and consult details for using which system is better for theie prepress room:


1.      Solid plate by water washout or liquid photopolymer by water wash ?

2.      Using CTP direct image on plate / CTF to make negative film ?

3.      NozzleBlack is better or LaserBlack to make negative film to save cost ?


In consideration of green environment with factory safety and health of employees, they have decided to use liquid resin @felxoBag system because water wash flexo plate raw material is too expensive for them. (Eventually they have decided model : FB 1200 for plate making up to 1000 x 1200mm)


As for negative film making considering of both equipment and production costs, they will use LaserBlack to make negative film. On July 2nd 2015, the machine have loaded on board toward their port, and engineers from Team @flexo will be on the way to build the machine as well as for training by end of July.


Keeneye has estimated to print with their own plate on 1st of August 2015.




After installation + training in VN

Keeneye company is a professional solid plate making shop for corrugated / label / flexible package printers by using solvent washout plate since 2010. VN government has announced to strict control for using of Perc recently therefore they have no other choice but only to use liquid resin system by water washout. To avoid air bubble is a major issue for them from a liquid plate, if they paying a lot of money to invest advanced machine will be able to avoid air-bubble problem during plate making quickly, but the cost they will pay for it will be difficult to return for the huge amount so it is out of their consideration.



After comparing and comparing, in 2014 November when they see the world patent system of @flexoBag machine show on All-in-print in Shanghai they have decided to use it. Keeneye was making only solid plate, therefore their customers are always checking the liquid plate from solid plate standard of view, so the liquid plates made by them have to be good in fine reproduction / sharpness / even thickness / nice surface in order to be able to compare with a solid plate.


in addition, because they are a plate trade shop, the quantity of plate making is large sometimes up to 10 m2 per day. Due to flexobag can be prepared in advance before palte making instead of treating bubbles on the machine, the bags can be used quickly as a solid plate ready for exposure, since liquid resin exposure and drying time are shorter than a solid plate, therefore whole process can be finished in 20-30 minutes which is much shorter than solid plate and cost of it is only 50% of a solid plate.


Fortunately @flexoBag system can meet their request of quality / speed / cost, the profit from it can cover the invest capital easy and quickly. Moreover @flexoBag plate making system is an environment protection and green products, so all members in the factory are happy and healthy.


Feedback from users

Chang Yuen Paper packing Co. , Ltd. VN ,

Lo J1, duong NA3 DA3 KCN My Phuoc II,

Huyen Ben Cat Tinh Binh Duong , Vietnam 

Experiencing new @flexoBag plate making technology

To whom it may concern:

We are a corrugated paper company with 6 flexo printer /slotter in our factory, before we make our own plate in lant, we are paying about USD 2000.- of photopolymer plates each month from the trade shops near around. Besides this, we have 10 people making hand engrave plate and a laser engraving machine making rubber plates for not so fine image jobs. Due to growing business, the owners have decided to make our own plate in our plant. Photopolymer plate making is a brand new item for us, so we have started to search for new technology of equipment and materials in order to improve our printing quality as well as for expanding our future business. Eventually, we have found @flexoBag System is a brand new technical for photopolymer plate making to meet our requirements of low investment, quick process and environment green for us. The total equipment cost with consumables for initial starting cost us USD .- for a 60 x 90 cm size machine which is quite practical for our use and quick process of the system has increased a lot of our productivity. By the end of December 2010, we are expecting to have our investment return, for we have found the total cost of the production including everything is less than 20% of the plates we rely on trade shop before.

The owners know that using this new system is worth with no regret now.


Feedback from Indonesia





We are corrugated board company in Surabaya / Indonesia , due to labor wage increasing gradually and it is not easy to find skillful hand engraver to make rubber plate with many small letters on it, we must to find out a simple, easy economic and green way to make our own printing plate for printing the cartons in plant.

Moreover, it is getting expensive for the plate we rely on trade house to make for us outside, so that we have to pay too much plate making fees every month, and it is becoming not a small sum as USD 20000.- annually. Therefore we start to search a good way to solve these problems for us and eventually we have found @flexoBag system from internet.

The website is neat and clear enough to let us know everything about the new system with the DVD, the Q&A and the Feedbacks from their users by which we have found some of their users are in the very similar production

situation with us. After having the comprehensive information, we have decided to place our order immediately in order to start up the plate making right after our New Year Holidays which is in the mid of September 2010.

Two of @flexoBag engineers come from Taiwan at the beginning of October right after the machine had reached us and in 5 days, now we are able to make our own plate smoothly. Printers are happy because of no need to wait for plate delivery from trade shop any more or even have to go to collect the plate when we have to use it urgently.

This was our first transaction with @flexoBag company and we only know them from internet. At the beginning we do not have full confidence in the first transaction with big amount to them. With regret now we have to place another bigger order to them only in few weeks after the installation to buy consumable materials such as Resin and Film from them and most important is their LaserBlack Enhancing Solution to enhance print as negative film from our HP printer works too well that we have to order more as well. It is really a genius invention from them again that we can even make our own negative in our plant for in time plate making now by which we do not have to rely on outside service from image setter to make negative film for us at all.

I have to admit that we are not only happy with the @flexoBag system but also we have to thank them for their skillful and quick service offered to us to do training to our people for both plate making and for the machine maintenance.

They are quite professional!

Wenyao He 





We are Chin Chia package printing company located in Dong Guan where is a major manufacturing city for all kind of goods export to most of the countries all over the world.

Our job is making and printing film bags, paper bags and corrugated box supplying to the factories located in this area. At the beginning we use conventional flexo plate, but because of the green environmental requirement is getting higher and higher so that we have decided to find a more friendly method to make plates.

We have made flexo plate by solvent washout for quite a long time, until it was a good chance for us to see this new announcement of water washout flexoBag system during DRUPA 2008 in Dusseldorf Germany, after the show we have made several visit to see the demonstration of how to make a bag, how to fill in the liquid resin, exposure, wash by water and request for making plates for our test printing on line to proof not only for the reproduction but also the long impression running of the plate made by the system for it is a brand new technology in the flexo printing industry.

All of employees hate the strong solvent odor so much that we have to decide to use this water wash system as soon as possible. The solvent recovering department people, now they join us in printing room, for they have lost their job already. In addition to these, plate making room is no longer a dirty place like before any more.

The happiest person should be our boss, not only for the production cost have been reduced 40-50% and processing time very short, most important is that the boss has returned all his investment back by now mostly because of using no solvent any more. 

In spring of 2009, we started to use @flexoBag plate making system, now we could not print without it for everybody love it, even our former plate making shop is using the same system following us. 

Pre press Dept. We are very happy and healthy with @flexoBag

I am delighted to report that the @flexoBag system works well in our factory since July 2009. I made some excellent plates from liquid photopolymer by using the flexoBag system and use only water to wash it out, it is very incredible that the plate is the same quality with the solvent washout flexo plates. Now all the people in the prepress room are very happy with it because of no disgusting odor in the factory any more, every body looks very healthy now.

Due to flexoBag can be prepared in advance before plate making, the bubbles are disappeared therefore it is very easy and quick (50% time consumption only) to use by just putting the film and bag in between two glasses do not have to pour in resin waiting for spreading and take off the bubbles on the machine, so the exposure process is now simple and easy for us in stead of the hard works of spreading the thin film and paving the base film (because the bubbles may happen again during this procedures).

No spreader, no coater and no bubble happened, the machine is very simple so the cost of investments we have paid is only 30% of the conventional machine cost, plus the production cost is only 50% of the solvent wash flexo plates therefore we are expecting to have our return of investment quicker by June of 2010 definitely.

All of our employees like this new flexoBag system very much

Hen Cog 
Chi Fan Enterprise Corp. 

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Taipei , Taiwan



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